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The Blue Planet of Luckner Lazard

2010/DVD/ Color /23 minutes in French and Haitian-Creole, subitled in English and Spanish.
Morbidly timid, Luckner Lazard sought to communicate and overcome his shyness through alcohol and painting as Chagall did to overcome his stuttering. Lazard asserts himself as one of the major watercolorist painters of the time. The Duvalier dictatorship was annoyed by the avant-garde agitation. Lazard will spend 20 years in the USA where he hates being in exile because of his attachment to the "planet" Haiti. He tries to recreate Haiti at his New York's apartment where he planted a hibiscus and a small banana tree from seedling he brought back from Haiti. Today, although he is almost forgotten, Lazard is one of the most important Haitian artists of the 20th century. With a great performance by Dr. Michel Philippe Lerebours.


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